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How do I get my marriage license?
You must appear at a County Courthouse in Wyoming. There is Teton County Courthouse in the town of Jackson.

What do I need to bring for my license?
Only your driver's license is necessary. You must both appear together at the courthouse, fill out an application and wait about 30 minutes for the clerk to type up your license. No blood tests, birth certificates or divorce papers are required.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does the license cost?
The fee is $30.00 and an additional $5.00 may be paid for the County to mail you a certified copy of your license.

Do I need witnesses?
YES - You will need two witnesses.

If you are going to elope or celebrate a private ceremony, Teton Mountain Weddings will take care of the witness signatures.

Is there a waiting period?
NO - Only the time it takes to fill out your application

Can you send me prices for your different wedding/honeymoon event packages?
Teton Mountain Weddings plans every wedding personally to the wishes and needs of our clients. We do not offer packages because each wedding is different. We will work with you and your budget to provide you with the best services Jackson has to offer while staying within your budget requirements.

How much do different services cost?
Costs of services vary greatly depending on the type of service you want. Just as a starting point, here are some minimum costs for different services.
Photographers - Prices start at approximately $450.00
Flowers - Hand Tied Bouquet of Wildflowers is approximately $
Cake -
Prices start at $50.
Lodging - From $
125.00/night and up.
Activities - Range from $30.00
per person up depending on activity
Restaurants - Range from $
14.00/person and up plus tax, gratuity and alcohol.